The Realm of Edhel

Joining the Guild

The First Day

As if fate had decreed, the adventurers arrived in front of the Timberwolves Guild Lodge within minutes of each other. There they met the stoic dwarven hunter Afu Mek-Thanki. Around another campfire was a group of three humans. The party would face this group and overcome them in the Trial of the Claw to join the Guild.

The party was instructed to retrieve the beak of a cockatrice the following day, but before they turned in for the night an old beggar woman emerged from the forest. Afu and the rival group gave her some gold, and the party showed their charity in the form of boots, a blanket and some gold. The woman returned to the forest.

The next morning the party set out and noticed that the woman had preceded them on their path.



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